Guastapaglia L'irrigazione

Since over 50 years of Service
in the Agricultural Industry

Our Products

Impianti per aspersione Rain-Wing Systems
Static Bars
Pvc Bars
Micro-Irrigators On Rod
Nozzles And Micro-Irrigators
Impianti a goccia

Drop Systems

Button Drippers
Auto-Compensating Drippers
Auto-Compensating Anti-Drainage Drippers
Pre Set Micro-Pipes
Drip-Tapes And Drop-Tubes
Impianti per parchi e giardini

Systems For Parks and Gardens

Static Irrigators
Dynamic Irrigators
Dynamic Irrigators With Incorporated Electrovalve
Dynamic Irrigators With Big Range Turbine
Sistemi di controllo e fertirrigazione

Control And Fertirrigation Systems

Dosatron Pumps
Fertirrigation Groups
Membrane Pumps
Inverter Control Systems
Control Instruments
Impianti per aspersione


Net, Diskand Grift Filters, Hydrocyclones, Auto-Polishers
Pvc And Brass Pressure Reducers
Brass Electrovalves
Pvc Connectors
Thermoplastic Resin Electrovalves
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